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List of PHP tutorials ( for beginners with examples)

PHP is one of the most commonly used server side scripting languages for creating dynamic web pages. Here is the list of tutorials from which you will learn about PHP.’s PHP tutorials are categorized into PHP- basics, PHP- advanced.

PHP Tutorials
PHP Tutorials

PHP-database, PHP- XML and PHP- AJAX. PHP-Reference section helps for quick reference. PHP quiz will be useful for one to assess his/her knowledge in PHP.


As PHP is a server side scripting language,’s try it yourself is not available for tutorials. site will be the right choice for those who like simple tutorials and examples.

PHP tutorials at

PHP tutorials at

If you are looking for a site without advertisement is a good example. Examples, articles are quite simple and easy to understand.’s PHP tutorials are classified into basics and advanced.

PHP tutorials at
PHP tutorials at

If you want PHP tutorials in your mail inbox, you can subscribe for newsletter of Angela Bradley and improve your PHP skills. In advanced skills part you can find example scripts based on PHP & Mysql and GD gallery for creating graphics using PHP.

Another good source for learning PHP from tutorials is Here tutorials are divided into Introduction, PHP files, PHP strings and PHP advanced.

PHP tutorials at
PHP tutorials at

Mysql, Javascript, HTML tutorials will be helpful for a new comer to web development field. You can get help from tizag forum as well.

Illustrated tutorials in helps you to understand PHP from how PHP works to advanced concepts.

PHP tutorials at

PHP tutorials at

Here are the categories in this site, Flow Control, PHP Basics, Arrays, PHP and HTML Forms, String Manipulation, Reusing Code and Writing Functions

Managing Data, PEAR:DB, Authentication with PHP and SQL, Regular Expressions, Session Control and Cookies, Sending Email with PHP, File System Management.


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